Random Ork Conversions Part 4: Cheap and Easy Lootas

Look familiar? Made just like my assault cannon tutorial. Find it under "how to" at the top.
You can use any guns you have lying around, but imperial weapons are easiest. This is a sentinel Lascannon.

I call him "Tex", but I don't really know why.

A little Tau tech never hurts.

Not enough lascannons in your bitz box? Plasticard can fix that.

Off a pred I think.

Shuriken Cannon off a warwalker. I like the way it turned out actually.

Call him scout, or spot. He is my only loota not modeled with a scope or range finder.
So, they are cheaper for one of two reasons. One, you can use your extra burna bits with some spare boyz to get 8 lootas per box. Or, do what I did, and just buy all the burna parts from local ork players who have a ton of lootas already. This is my first 10, but I have parts for 45. Don't know if I will ever assemble all of them, but the total for the bits was like 30$, so... yeah. I will post WIP shots of the next 10 if I get back to working on them.

Also, how are my pictures? Any tips? Photography is an art, and therefore I am bad at it =)

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