The Coolest Thing That Does Not Exist! But Soon!

Seriously, go check this out. Now. Stop reading and go follow the link!


The intro video is not the best. But, a table top war game played with models assembled out of lego? Hell yes. Cheap rules, all in one pdf/book? Yup. Model aesthetics that you get to choose based on the rules? Aaaaaaaaaw yeah! No more of that "I take unit X because it looks cool" nonsense.

Did I mention it is mech based? It is mech based.

Now, I am not saying you should just drop whatever you are playing and get on this game. But when the rules are between 0-10$, and an army will cost you ~12$... well you can play this alongside your other war games with ease.

I know you have lego somewhere, and I know you want an excuse to play with it again.


Grey Knights Update 7- Army Progress Shot 2

Progress! So many storm bolter warrior acolytes...
Pew pew
Soon, rifles for the riflemen...


A how to, by Jitsu: Plasticard Bases

Want custom bases for your whole army, but don't want to buy the sweet expensive ones online? Try this.

Left to right? Nope!

1) Trace the bases onto the non-textured side of the plasticard and cut them out very roughly from the main plasticard sheet.

2) Cut the card a bit more closely to the base outline, but not all the way.

3) Glue the plasticard on to the base.

4) Cut all the excess card off the base with your hobby knife. Go slowly, cut right up to the base and all the way around. It should all come off as one piece, but don't worry if it does not the first time.

5) You are done. Simple yeah?