The Coolest Thing That Does Not Exist! But Soon!

Seriously, go check this out. Now. Stop reading and go follow the link!


The intro video is not the best. But, a table top war game played with models assembled out of lego? Hell yes. Cheap rules, all in one pdf/book? Yup. Model aesthetics that you get to choose based on the rules? Aaaaaaaaaw yeah! No more of that "I take unit X because it looks cool" nonsense.

Did I mention it is mech based? It is mech based.

Now, I am not saying you should just drop whatever you are playing and get on this game. But when the rules are between 0-10$, and an army will cost you ~12$... well you can play this alongside your other war games with ease.

I know you have lego somewhere, and I know you want an excuse to play with it again.

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