Guessing Games 01

Can you guess what I'm up to?

This is my prototype, five more will follow if I like the way it looks.


Universal Article: Misinformation

So, I have decided to write some articles for my blog here. They will not be about any specific game or system, but I will provide examples from games/systems I play.  

Today I will be talking about misinformation.

What is it? Well Wikipedia says: “Misinformation is false or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally. It is distinguished from disinformation by motive in that misinformation is simply erroneous, while disinformation, in contrast, is intended to mislead.” That pretty much sums it up. No matter what you are looking into, you need to be aware of this.


Random Ork Conversions Part 3

I don't like the short stout look of the new kans, But I don't like pewter either. So this is my prototype new old style kan.

The arms are magnetic. And the power plant comes off too.



So, this is a place for me to upload anything I at all I do involving gaming. But it's also a place for you to talk about gaming. Not socially though. Don't do that. Its more about the games, learning and teaching. Check out one of my tutorials, show me one of your own, compare builds, share experience, discuss tactics, show us some stats, delve into detailed game mechanics, etc.

In terms of conduct, discussion needs to remain on topic. You think my idea is dumb? That's cool, why do you think so? Maybe I'm wrong, so show me the light. But keep the personal attacks off my blog. That is the one ground rule I am laying down. If you think someone is wrong, I want you to say it. You can't learn anything if you can't identify your mistakes. When you correct someone, your doing them a favor. But play nice.

A how to, by Jitsu: Assault Cannon Razor Backs

Start with this bit.

Big Mek From AoBR nob

Simple starting point right?

Random Ork Conversions Part 1

Ork Kannon, railgun style

Above: Not a Zap gun.



Just playing with blogger. Want to see what is what. Why are you here anyway? Seriously no one has a link to me yet...