A how to, by Jitsu: Assault Cannon Razor Backs

Start with this bit.

Cut off that front bit.
You need two sizes of rod, cut five of the larger and one of the thinner.
Glue down a bit of tubing to some paper. Then glue the rods together using the tube to keep the rods together while it dries. The smaller rod is in the middle for spacing.
Repeat and pull them out.
Dremmel/file/sand the ends flat.
Drill this bit out.
This too.
Get a paperclip.
Cut two sections of paperclip and glue them into the barrels.
Flatten out some green stuff and let it cure. Cut the edges off so it is a rectangle. 

Cut the rectangle into 4 equal strips.
Glue the part of the green stuff strip touching the plasticard FIRST.
Glue it all the way round.
Now glue the barrels into the heavy bolters.
Put it together just like a normal Heavy Bolter. Mine looks terrible in this shot. Never mind that.
Cut and glue on some square rod, two sections each.
Cut two short sections of the larger rod and glue them on.
Here is mine.

Finished product beside the real thing.
pew pew

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  1. Nice conversion,I will have to try it for myself at some point. :)