Big Mek From AoBR nob

Simple starting point right?


Dremmeled off his Shoulder detail.

Beginning of his robotics.

Older Metal nob kustom shoota.

More arm making. Its important to note, I still have no idea what his arm will look like at this point, only that I don't have any mekish arms laying around and I can't sculpt very well.

When in doubt, add more stuff. If you clutter it up too much, just take em off.

Oh, I guess it will be a giant clampy thing.

Shoota was not custom enough.

Where did that come from!?!

I really like the one on the left better, but the right looks better on the model.

Green stuff goggles. Random head, doesn't matter if its a boyz or nobz one.

The base is that diamond patter industrial steel (in plasticard form).

Super happy about how the clamp arm turned out. Who needs planning?

Sorry, I don't have any WIP of the KFF, I made it a long time ago and it just sat in my bitz box.

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